Bezel Eirene (Antique Silver)

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More about the product

So that you can configure your Holzkern even more individually!

Our bezels can be attached on the following collections:

HOWEVER; ATTENTION: In order to exchange the bezels on your Dusk and Twilight, your watch requires the appropriate Easy-Switch Interchangeable Bezel-System. For more information, click on the arrow.

Does my Dusk/Twilight have the appropriate Easy-Switch Interchangeable Bezel-System?

So that you can interchange the bezel on your Holzkern, your watch needs to have the necessary technical capabilities.

Please note whether or not your current model already has an interchangeable bezel. You can simply find out by lightly pushing down and turning the bezel in an anticlockwise direction. Does the bezel release? Then it satisfies the technical requirements. In the following graphic you can again see how the appearance of your model should look.

As a comparison, on the left you can see a model WITH an interchangeable bezel and on the right WITHOUT an interchangeable bezel. Enjoy browsing and shopping :)

EAN: # 9010631007607

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