Ingmar Wein

Hello guys! My name is Ingmar Wein, I’m 22 years old and my home ist the wonderful „Black Forest“ in southwestern of Germany!

In 2015/2016 I lived more than a whole year in Finland – an incredible calm and beautiful country in the North. In this time I’ve developed a strong passion for taking photographs including all conditions – also -30° couldn’t prevent me from going outside and taking pictures! Beside the photography I recognized a deep connection to nature. The silence, the beauty and the feeling of timelessness in nature are the most beautiful experiences a human can have. That’s why I want to inspire people finding their way back into nature and leaving the troubles of the daily routine behind! ☺


  1. My favourite photo
  2. Travelling through Switzerland
  3. The peace of stars
  4. Being one with nature
  5. The Salza waterfall
  6. Visiting Green Slovenia
  7. Finding happiness in snow-covered Norway
  8. Extreme Cold
  9. Paragliding in Zermatt
  10. Favourite places in the Black Forest
  11. Travelling through the nature of Europe by car - Part 2
  12. Travelling through the nature of Europe by car - Part 1