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Are you on the search for your own personal piece of nature?
In that case, we can offer you over 800 different designs made of wood and stone, in all possible shapes and colors!

To make it easier for you, we have prepared all of our collections here. This is also where we inform you on a monthly basis about our brand-new designs!

Have fun browsing for your perfect timepiece!


  1. Unique jewelry with pearls and blue and green gemstones
  2. The Mastery Collection: Solar-powered Naturals in Nacre & Genuine Leather
  3. Your Perfect Adventurous Companion - our Impact Collection (42mm)
  4. Waterproof chronographs made from wood & stone - the Tributary Collection (44mm)
  5. Daydreamer: Elegant jewelry for special occasions
  6. Marble and stone meet durable stainless steel: New Baritone Bandlets
  7. Rugged & reliable timepieces for men - our Epic Tale Collection (45mm)
  8. The Frame Art Collection
  9. Women’s “Dexterity” Watch Collection: Every piece is entirely unique
  10. Robust chronographs for the rugged and adventurous - our Hightrek Collection (42mm)
  11. Adagio: Our signature Bandlet collection, now with precious inlaid marble
  12. Brazilian Summer Style - the Pixa & Maraschino Collections