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Are you on the search for your own personal piece of nature?
In that case, we can offer you over 700 different designs made of wood and stone, in all possible shapes and colors ☺

To make it easier for you, we have prepared all of our collections here. This is also where we inform you on a monthly basis about our brand-new designs!

Have fun browsing for your perfect timepiece!


  1. The Impetus Collection (30mm)
  2. The Adagio Bandlet-Collection
  3. The Composition Jewelry Collection
  4. The Illustrate Collection (43mm)
  5. The Sundown Collection (45mm)
  6. The Cloudbreaker Collection (28mm)
  7. The Shade Jewelry Collection
  8. The Racing Collection (42mm)
  9. The Aloft Collection (42mm)
  10. The Capriccio Bandlet-Collection
  11. The Radiance Collection (42mm)
  12. The Belle Époque Collection (28mm)