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What makes our spectacular koa wood so beautifully unique?


Koa wood is endemic to the paradise born of fire: Hawaii.

The Acacia koa tree is highly revered; it can reach 100 feet in height and have a diameter up to 6 feet wide. Koa means ‘warrior’ in Hawaiian, and koa wood is considered sacred by the natives: they used it to create not only canoes and weapons, but also surfboards!

This wood, with its golden brown color, is arguably one of the most spectacular hardwoods in the world. There is no other wood that possesses the level of chatoyancy as koa does. Chatoyant meaning “varying in color when seen in different lights from different angles”.

Enjoy the finesse of this spectacular wood born from the paradise of fire with our unique models made from koa!

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  1. Zócalo (Koa/Koa) Zócalo (Koa/Koa) SALE
    4 Models
  1. Nerva (Koa/Koa) Nerva (Koa/Koa)
    4 Models

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