Today is the 14th day of Advent. Time for our next Partner’s Day!

Christmas time is best spent with friends. That is why we collaborated with Motelamiio to create the perfect Christmas package for you. <3

With every order of a watch in our online shop, you will have the opportunity to receive a 500€ gift voucher for handmade ceramics from

Participating in the raffle is very simple:

1. Order a Holzkern watch in our online shop today (14th of December 2019)
2. With a little bit of luck, YOU could win a 500€ gift voucher from Motelamiio. (We will personally inform the lucky winner)

Good luck and have a peaceful 14th day of Advent,
Your Holzkern Team

Motel a miio - 14.Advent Holzkern
Motel a miio 2 - 14.Advent Holzkern