1. You Like it Natural and Light 
The best thing about watches that are made of wood and stone is how light they feel on the wrist. The natural materials of wood weighs less than stainless steel. In fact it weighs so little, you could even forget that you are wearing one!

„Wearing a watch has a positive effect on my attitude towards time. I am now more aware of how I plan out my 24 hours a day.” 
- Franziska W. -

2. You Love Being a Real Eye-Catcher  
The huge variety in dials and natural materials of wood and stone turns our products into something truly special and unique. Whether you want to go for a sports look or something more elegant, our wide range of over 500 designs will provide you with that extra bit of charm to your outfit.

3. Punctuality is What Defines You (Or it will now ;) )
Watches have always been the key symbol of one of the most important rules of modern day: Punctuality. We are sure that you definitely have a friend who most likely could use one in order to never be late or miss any future appointments!

„My bracelet arrived today and I can only say this: Absolutely stunning! Very well crafted and designed, affordable, quick delivery and great customer support service. Thank you very much, I am very satisfied with my product!”
- Elisabeth N. -

4. You Want a Watch That Shows Your Personality Type  
Adventurer, Introvert or Hero - our wide range of products will definitely provide you the perfect companion.

5. You Need Time for Yourself - Time for Nature  
Are you caught up in the stress of everyday life and have no time to enjoy nature? Then get a piece of it for your wrist!

„Made with care and great attention to detail! I love my Holzkern watch. A truly unique timepiece, very light and comfortable to wear. Whoever is looking for something special, I’d highly recommend you make a stop here and look through over 500 different designs!”
- Claudia -

If you are still not convinced, read what other customers have to say about our watches! Here we have collected all the reviews from all the places so you can choose what to trust!  

Reviews about Holzkern

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