Our guiding theme: unique and wonderful

Don’t let yourself miss out on our natural earrings, bracelets, necklaces AND rings - the first production series is only available in small amounts!

Elegant Variety: The Visual Collection

The windows to the soul: Our eyes don’t only reveal what we feel, their colors are also associated with particular character traits. Regardless of whether they’re blue, green, hazel or brown: each person’s eyes are utterly unique and genuinely wonderful.

Just like the jewelry from our Visual Collection! Natural nacre and refined stainless steel form an expressive duo that will serve as a faithful accompaniment for all of life’s situations - naturally, all pieces are waterproof.

Platinum plating

Genuine nacre


Delicate Enchantment: The Aphonia Collection

As distinctive and wonderful as a flake of snow! Despite its invariable structure, each ice crystal is utterly unique and a true natural masterpiece.

Our "Aphonia" jewelry embodies the magic of a snow-covered landscape with its delicate shapes and colors. Thanks to the natural materials used, a long lifetime is guaranteed with no chance of color fading!

24k gold-plated stainless steel

Unique natural materials

No color fading

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