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At Holzkern your purchase is now worth double! With the discount code 2021-BEE YOU will receive -10% off your order, and WE will donate 5% of the order value to "Vom Reiter", meaning YOU also receive a bee sponsorship as a gift from us* - only until 30.06.


1) Add your desired products with a value of at least 50€ to the shopping cart

2) Enter your discount code 2021-BEE at the checkout and receive a 10% discount on your order

3) Together with "Vom Reiter", we'll sponsor a bee in your name and you'll also receive your own certificate at the end of the campaign

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The importance of busy little bees is often underestimated. Bees not only make delicious honey, they’re also indispensable for our entire ecosystem. They ensure that many environmental processes can take place naturally.
Reach under the wings of these busy little buzzers and support bee populations with your purchase now.
*In collaboration with Vom Reiter
“With your support, you’re not only promoting my small bee hive, but also the varied vegetation of our homeland. Bees don’t just provide a delicious product, they’re also responsible for about two-thirds of our global food via pollination.”
- Ronald Royer

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