Hello dear friends of nature! Sometimes in this hectic world, one longs for peace and quiet. But how and where can you find this peace?

The way to consciously descend I found for myself is the way into nature. Simply going out and switching off your mobile phone for a few hours is priceless freedom.

In nature, different standards apply. A tree doesn't care about WhatsApp notifications on its mobile phone, a whole forest doesn't care anyway. A lake doesn't have a constantly growing to-do list. The wind in your hair has its own language. Sometimes, the wind also is a good listener if you feel the need to talk about something.

It's incredibly good to just listen to nature for a while. As soon as my thoughts are sorted a bit better, I start to build up a connection with nature. The tree next to me sends me its own notifications. At the sight of the waves, the to-do list lets itself be carried away like a boat. The wind in my hair tells me its own story, while all everyday worries fly away like birds.

That's the kind of peace we recently experienced at the Green Lake in Styria. Since the lake still is one of the undiscovered lakes in Austria, there was no wifi - but we found another connection to nature :)