The Breakfast Club collection: watches for your casual-chic weekend look

What could be better than starting the weekend with a lavish brunch? Just cozy up, gossip forever, laugh together and relax as you forget about time.

With the girls, there's no dress code, yet your outfit and accessories should have meaning and collect admiring glances!

Milanaise bracelet

This special bracelet for watches comes from Milan and is also called "Mesh Bracelet" because of its fine mesh structure made from stainless steel. As it comes from Milan, the fashion capital, the Milanaise bracelet is super elegant, modern and therefore the perfect choice for your "casual-chic" weekend look!

Waterproof and light as a feather

For brunching, we need flexible wrists, which is why our Breakfast Club timepieces are extremely lightweight and comfortable to wear. After all, we want to toast ourselves, need to balance full coffee cups and take a selfie or two. Water resistant to 5 ATM, nothing can happen to your unique timepiece!

Iridescent nacre

What shimmers so beautifully? Nacre comes from the shell of shellfish and is known for its exceptionally colorful iridescence. For the Breakfast Club collection, we've chosen intense greens and blues, and for those who prefer more subdued tones, there's also a simple design with white nacre.

Our Breakfast Club collection is inspired by the perfect brunch. You should take any chance you get for some champagne (Pikkolo), the yolk of your runny egg should shine with the sun (Sunnyside) and in addition to plenty of giggles (Giggles), gossip (Chitchat) certainly completes a girls brunch.

Which unique piece will accompany you to the next brunch with your girls?

We wish you a lot of fun, drink some champagne and eat some waffles for us!

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