What if there was a place consisting of rivers winding for many kilometers through the country, black beaches, millennia old glaciers, bright green grass and bubbling volcanoes. A place where new adventures await you around every corner, making it hard to believe your eyes at every stop. A place where you can drive many kilometers without even meeting a single person, feeling as free as nowhere else around the world. A place that screams for adventures and just waits for you to discover it.

What if I told you this place is just a short flight away…

In autumn 2016 and friend and I were on our way to this very place called Iceland. After a short drive and a few footsteps I already knew: This is the right location, I finally found the country of my dreams. It is a paradise for every landscape photographer, adventurer or everyone else who wants to escape everyday´s routine and discover what was missing before.

My personal highlight in this unforgettable trip was the Northern Lights. I will never forget the moment when a glimmering green line in the sky got brighter and brighter as it slowly danced above us. These are the moments where one can realize how small and insignificant one human is against the vast beauty and force of Mother Earth.