1. You love to be practical

A chronograph is basically a stopwatch on your wrist. Courtesy of its extra features, it doesn’t just show you the time, it also allows you to measure time with the simple click of a button. This is how you can prove to your partner how long the "5 minutes" in the bathroom actually are.

2. Do you sometimes forget which day it is?

In this case, a chronograph can definitely be a lifesaver. Nowadays, most watches come with this practical date function.

3. Punctuality is your bread and butter

Watches have always been the primary symbol of one of the most important rules of behaviour: punctuality. We’re sure that you have a friend who most likely could use a watch in order to never miss any future appointments.

4. You want a watch befitting any occasion

By mixing the elegance of sports watches with practical functionality, our chronographs serve as the ideal daily companion and complement your look with an extra portion of charm.

5. Your watch should be of high quality without costing 3 monthly salaries

Chronographs combine various design elements that make them look sporty and sleek at the same time. You will definitely hear the question of "Where did you get that watch?" a lot!

6. On the search for a super handy tool?

Then you’ll love our chronographs! Do you want to know how long you have to grill your vegetables to reach the ultimate taste? With our chronographs, you’ll never miss out on the perfect moment ever again.

7. You like it natural and light

The great thing about a chronograph made from wood and stone is that it’s incredibly light! The natural material of wood weighs far less in comparison to stainless steel or other metals. In fact, our chronographs are so light that you’ll almost forget you’re wearing one.

8. You enjoy sweating only in the sauna

Your chronograph made from wood and stone is not only natural and light, thanks to the use of these natural materials, sweating under your watch will be a thing of the past! Are you convinced now? We’ve already prepared some of our most beloved chronographs for you!

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