The Dexterity Collection

We’re still enjoying a late summer, but slowly also looking forward to the cooler weather. Instead of romping around in the garden, we’ll soon be using our do-it-yourself skills within the comfort of our own home.
How do you express your creativity? Do you grab your knitting needles, wooden cooking spoons, paint brushes or musical instruments? We dedicate our new collection to the aforementioned art of knitting, and the do-it-yourself homemakers that create unique fashion items with their nimble fingers.

Get to know our models Kaschmir, Mohair, Angora and Satin with their wonderful dials made from amazonite, lapis lazuli, walnut or maple wood!

Just like your own creations, each watch from Holzkern is entirely unique. We also construct every single product with meticulous handcraft and a love and dedication for the finer details! With this collection, we decided on stainless steel plated with the colors gold, silver or rose gold, and brought it to completion using genuine amazonite, lapis lazuli, walnut or maple wood. The end result is a distinctively special collection of wristwatches that are both modest and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time.

See for yourself!

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