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Why make it less when it can be more? Following this motto, we have put together a selection of unique pieces just for you. Here, you will not simply find the right models to match your style, but get your hands on the eye-catching pieces that’ll help you stand out.

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Are you someone who likes to swim against the current? Then make a statement now with our unique extravagant pieces. Whether you prefer elegant or rustic styles, you're sure to find something that’ll catch your eye.

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If you have slender wrists, go for smaller cases; if you have wide wrists, a larger diameter is the preferred choice. The timepiece fits perfectly if you can still get your little finger between the wrist and the watch. If you have a mark after wearing it, the timepiece was strapped too tight. Generally, the watch is worn on the passive side, meaning that right-handed people wear the watch on the left wrist. In the end, of course, you can decide for yourself - because everyone has their own unique style. Be proud to be unique!