Whether it's a watch, piece of jewelry, a pair of sunglasses or handbag, we’ve got you covered. So that you can start the new year in style, we’ve gone on a hunt for the most important trends of 2023!

Mix & Match

Rules are made to be broken! Mix & match is where you get to let out your rebellious side, because this 2023 trend is all about breaking out of the norm. We've put together a combination for you that won't disappoint. We’re placing the focus on sunglasses that will protect your eyes optimally. Thanks to the innovation of UV400 light protection, polarized TAC lenses and an anti-reflective coating, they’re also scratch-resistant, durable and glare-free.


Are you looking for a way to embrace minimalism in an aesthetic way? Then we've found just the right trend for you in 2023. The concept of minimalism can take on a variety of meanings, which is why we want to showcase simple design in many forms. From over 800 unique designs, the best minimalist pieces are waiting for you.

Statement piece

Whether you're a Gen Z, Millennial or Boomer, you can score big time with your statement piece this year. We certainly won't let you down here! Just like our jewelry: Many of our designs are waterproof and either coated with 24k gold, smoke or platinum and are, of course, nickel-free. Here, you can find a selection of our unique pieces.

Natural elements

Following the trend of natural elements, you can never go wrong with our products because each unique piece is made from stone or wood. The earthy textures and properties of natural materials used make each piece absolutely unique. With that being said, we've made a special selection of products that will complete your look.

Gender neutral

At Holzkern, you'll find many products that are gender neutral. Since accessories have no gender, you can of course browse through all categories and order whatever you’d like. No matter what gender you identify with, we’d be thrilled for you to wear one of our unique pieces. If you're new to the field and want to take a chance outside your comfort zone, we've put together the right unisex products for you. Our handbags - Uniqases, that is - are also a world-first that will be an eyecatcher no matter where you go. Although they are made from wood and stone, they’ll still feel light as a feather around your shoulder.

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