Especially at the end of autumn, when the fog covers in the lowlands often become very dense and it seems as if it would never really get light out, I "flee" to the Jauerling near Melk. It can be reached from St. Pölten in about 40 minutes and its height of about 1000m above sea level promises - not always, but often - a little sunshine and light outside the "dark zone".

My favourite hike there leads me on a circular path through dense needle and mixed forest from Maria Laach directly to the summit, where an observation tower is already waiting to be climbed for an even better all-round view. It is best to leave the car (the public transportation connection unfortunately is not very good) in Maria Laach near the church and follow either the Wachau World Heritage Climb or path no. 25 to the summit plateau. The paths are well signposted, getting lost is practically impossible. Often, the place itself is still in the fog, but with every meter of altitude you climb, it gets lighter, and especially at the border between fog and sun, the most wonderful moods arise. But even if the sun doesn't quite manage to "bite away" the fog, this hike is very rewarding and worth the journey. The good air (Maria Laach is also a climatic health resort) and the tranquillity of the forest are a real "fountain of health", a source of well-being. The pure walking time amounts to about 2 hours, but you should plan breaks here and there in order to absorb this nature experience so properly. Refreshment is provided at the summit, but you should definitely inquire about the current opening hours beforehand.