Hello dear friends of nature!
Norway is on the travel list of many people. The country is becoming more and more popular as a travel destination worldwide - for good reason. Together with Denmark and Iceland, Norway is one of the "happiest countries" on this planet.

During our visit to Tromsø and the Lofoten, we were able to find out why. On the archipelago of Vesterålen, we were allowed to spend the night at the place of Ole, a true Norwegian. In a small hut directly at the Atlantic, Ole has built himself a small paradise. During one of the long evenings at the campfire under northern lights, he showed us photos of a small group of moose walking through his garden. This must be a special feeling of happiness and tranquillity to nature, standing in front of a herd of moose :)

Our personal highlight in Norway: in the fjord off of Tromsø, a group of whales gathers to hunt in cold winters. We were able to watch the whales and enjoy nature from the shore - a timeless moment of peace and tranquillity.