The Free Play Collection

17 new jewelry designs for spring

With the Free Play collection, we expand our range with many new colors and materials as we happily anticipate the upcoming spring. The days are getting longer, the sun's rays stronger and feel-good energy surrounds us. We want to celebrate this annual change with our brand new designs as we bring colors vibrantly back to life.

Discover waterproof jewelry pieces in our Free Play collection now
and find your favorite accessory piece for spring 2023.


As colorful as the rainbow.
Our necklaces and bracelets combine 24k genuine gold-plated stainless steel and platinum-plated 316L stainless steel with gemstones and precious stones.
Tourmaline, topaz, onyx, amethyst and amazonite bring the colors of the rainbow to your wrist, designed to bring a smile to your face every day.


Precious Gemstones.
We are always looking for new materials for our jewelry.
Hence, with the Free Play collection, we welcome the green olivine and the dark red garnet to our assortment.
Two gemstones of incredible beauty, their vivid colors will give any outfit of yours a radiant shine.


Naturally shaped shell pieces.
Our goal is to always remain curious and expand our range with exciting designs. Therefore, our new necklaces are meant to convince with their special V-shape, especially with their naturally shaped shell elements.
Silver, gold or rose gold - which color would you like?

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