Do you want to bring your parents joy and still need the perfect present? We have THE SOLUTION: Watches and jewelry made from wood and stone. Here, you’ll discover 5 great reasons why your parents will totally love our uniquely special Holzkern products!

1. Unparalleled Wearing Comfort

Our parents often have a stressful day filled with countless physical tasks. For this reason, our models made from various hardwoods are highly appropriate everyday heroes! They have minimal weight and, as such, are extremely light and comfortable to wear. Also, you hardly sweat under them. Perfect for everyday use!

  1. Taro (Oak/Oak) Taro (Oak/Oak)
    6 Models

2. Holzkern Stands for Unique Individuality

Holzkern products are characterized by the unique natural structures inherent in all individual pieces, which therefore exist in this way only once. As such, a Holzkern accessory is incomparable, just like the wearer. Remind your parents of this beautiful thought every day!

3. 800 Different Designs

Natural diversity is highly important at Holzkern. That's why our product range now includes over 800 different watch designs. Amongst our vast selection, you’ll definitely find the perfect unique gift for your parents!

4. The Perfect All-Round Gift

Our uniquely natural accessories won’t only amaze you with their distinctively special designs, but also because of their beautiful packaging. All our timepieces are packaged in elegant wooden safe-keeping boxes - so your gift is always perfectly protected and fashionably stored!

Wooden postcards & boxes