Watches made of wood and stone are a relatively recent development in the long history of the watch industry. Nevertheless, timepieces made from natural raw materials have remarkably managed to win countless hearts within a short time.

With the brand’s excellent variety of great designs and the diversity of materials, Holzkern has firmly positioned itself as the most active and innovative provider for this new watch trend.  The young team works every day in partnership with experienced watch manufacturers to transform raw materials into unique timepieces.

The Holzkern-Team

For the production of more than 800 different models, hardwoods from various regions around the world are used. Thanks to the light weight of these materials relative to traditional steel watches, Holzkern owners can enjoy a particularly comfortable wearing experience. Alongside a healthy variety of top-shelf timber, high quality types of stone are also used in the construction of the watch case and dial. This combination of a distinct wood grain and impressive stone structure is what makes each watch special, and guarantees that each timepiece is just as unique as its wearer.

Detailed Handcraft
Your unique piece of nature

Innovative designs with stainless steel reinforcements and special methods of processing natural materials are used to make it possible for the case and watch bracelets to not only both slim and stable, but also offer a stylish and unique alternative to traditional watches made of metal.

Stable and slim constructions

To make the models for customers even more individualized, Holzkern makes all of their collections in small limited edition series. In the event a model does not satisfy the wishes of the wearer upon its arrival, there is a 24-day money-back guarantee.

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