Happy New Year (tittle bild)

New Year's Resolutions for you!

We’ve finally managed to put the eventful year of 2020 behind us and are ready to welcome 2021 with great optimism and enthusiasm. Besides new adventures, a New Year also means setting New Year’s resolutions to accomplish!

If you’re not sure how to start, we have 5 great ideas for New Year’s resolutions that you can successfully tackle, accompanied by our unique watches and accessories made from natural materials like wood and stone.

Let our ideas and unique pieces of nature make 2021 your best year ever! Ready to start?

1) Less Screen Time

Be realistic. With the TV, computer, tablet, smartphone..., you spend a lot of time on screens every day. Even with the messages and emails you receive from smartwatches, you can’t disconnect. If you want to go one step back and feel free of screens, our unique watches made from wood and stones will help you to be connected with yourself and spend your time more mindfully.

That's not all, with them you’ll feel the power of nature on your wrist every single day!

2) Meditate For 5 Minutes A Day

Do you know that five minutes of meditation each day can make a huge difference to your mood? So what are you waiting for?

Use our practical and versatile Chronographs to track the time you use for mindful meditation and extend it every day! The functional diversity of these timepieces is unbeatable, and their natural materials turn them into uniquely special daily companions.

3) More vitamin D and Fresh Air

Whether it's cold or hot, it's always healthy to spend time outside and to get vitamin D from sunlight.

Thanks to our watches with innovative Solar-Powered Movements, you can unwind outdoors and recharge your watch batteries at the same time! And if there’s no sun, don’t worry, with your solar watch you’ll always feel the power of the sun right on your wrist!

4) Don’t Stop, Keep Moving

We bet that in 2020 you’ve spent too much time sitting on a chair or lying on the sofa...we don’t blame you, we’re also guilty of this! This year we encourage you to enjoy the outdoors and to always be active and on the move with our elegant and modern Automatic watches made from wood and stone.

What are you waiting for? Get out of the house, enjoy the fresh air and just keep moving, your watch will do the same – even without a battery!

5) Refresh your look and be creative

Are you bored with your clothes and accessories and need something to refresh your wardrobe? Start the New Year with a crisp sense of style thanks to our unique and exclusive Bandlets and Jewelry made from natural materials. These distinctive pieces can be easily mixed and matched with our watches to create a personally individualized look.

Unleash your inner creativity and give your look that very special personal touch!


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