Holzkern Holiday Dress Guide

The Holzkern Holiday Dress Guide

The holidays are coming, and we all like to look our best on these festive days of the year.

Not every Christmas tradition is the same - some like to dress up and some like to spend three days in pajamas (as the author of this piece prefers to do).

At Holzkern, we see the importance of spending this time with our loved ones, and our unique timepieces reflect that. This is why we want to take a little more stress off your hands and show you that you are always ready for the occasion with a Holzkern watch on your wrist.

Looking for the perfect gift? Just imagine what your loved one's outfit of choice would be under the Christmas tree, and find the ideal accessory to match their holiday style!

Sweater Weather

Our classic wooden watches are your perfect companion for a cozy sweater day - inside or outside.

  1. Desire
  2. Summer Night
  3. Underwood

Simple Black

It's a classic for a reason, and our statement watches and jewelry with white marble add that final touch.

  1. Quinta
  2. Manhattan
  3. Forte

Canadian Tuxedo

For some of us, a denim shirt is all we need - add one of our watches or accessories with tones of dark wood, and no one can say you didn't dress for the occasion.

  1. Winter Day
  2. Abstract
  3. Canon

Crispy White

Effortless chic comes in the simplicity of a crisp white outfit and a statement watch on your wrist.

  1. Kay
  2. Wannabe
  3. Air

Christmas Classics

We can't imagine spending the holidays without at least one classic Christmas-themed or brightly colored outfit - it’s a good thing our watches and jewelry compliment them so well.

  1. Ephemera
  2. Twilight
  3. Antoninus

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