What are you feeling for summer?

The season of being care-free is here. Understandably so, how could one not be when the summer breeze blows through your hair; the sun kisses your skin; the sand buries through your toes and the numerous beaches are just begging to be explored. There are hundreds of blogs these days that talk about summer wardrobes. What about the watches though?

The model Forest Trail at the beach

When people say “summer watches” they mostly think of NATO straps - things to wear at the beach. We believe that summer is not a style, but a feeling and this is what we’re feeling for summer. Our model is sporting the Holzkern chronographic timepiece Forest Trail. Belonging to the Cross Country Collection, Forest Trail, as well as all the other models are dedicated to the credo of taking a break in the great outdoors of nature.

Forest Trail combined with Caro

This handsome watch made of exotic, brown Koa wood and a genuine leather strap in grey, camouflages itself perfectly with the sandy sceneries of the beach. The color scheme of our timepiece is also further enhanced by the smart clothing choices of our model. Caro shirts in early and brown tones go together with our watch just like peanut butter goes with jelly.

Forest Trail in the Sand

Funny enough, if you wouldn't know the name of our timepiece, you wouldn't even think that this watch wasn't specifically designed to be a summer watch. This goes to show that ultimately, the "summer watch" you should wear is actually whatever you would like it to be. We believe that these models will make great companions for your summer of 2019 :)

The model Forest Trail at the beach

More about the Cross Country Collection: Throughout history, mankind has turned to the forest as a source of raw materials. Forever a part of our history and cultural heritage, the woods have in recent times also become a place for rest and relaxation. The weight wooden watches in this collection should serve as a daily reminder of the calm and tranquil parts of our forests, as well as one of the greatest ways to clear your mind: the cross country run.

Who will be your summer companion?

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