Who doesn’t love Christmas time?

The scent of grandma’s cookies, the warm feeling of wearing fluffy socks together with your family in front of a fireplace, and most importantly: PRESENTS! :)

You have not found the perfect gift for your loved ones yet? No problem! Here you will find out why our watches made of wood and stone are the perfect gift.

1. You have over 600 different designs at your disposal
Automatic watches, chronographs, petite women’s watches and many more - in our online shop you can find anything you need.

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2. You want to gift something truly unique
The structures of wood and stone turn all of our products into unique products! Furthermore, Holzkern wood watches are manufactured in limited series, sometimes comprised to only a single production line. This enables our products to stand out as truly one-of-a-kind - just like your loved ones!

3. Your gift should always remind you of the good times spent
The best part about watches is that they are your daily companions. Therefore, whenever you look at it you can always remember the good times spent with the people you cherish the most.

Holzkern Time Together

4. You want to play it safe
What if in the end, your timepiece did not correspond to your expectations, or you might have decided for something else? Don’t worry, one of our mottos is: 100% satisfaction or money-back guarantee.

5. You hate wrapping gifts ;)
Then you will definitely love to hear this, since all of our timepieces come with a wonderfully-crafted wooden box. Wrapping gift-paper pales in comparison to our Holzkern boxes.

Holzkern Box

Do you happen to know someone who would be thrilled to receive his own personal piece of nature? Then start your search of finding the ideal timepiece for your loved ones in our online shop. Who knows, maybe some of our models might end up in your wishlist?

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Hohoho and merry Christmas,
Your Holzkern Team

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