Spending time in nature is probably the most beautiful equilibrium we have, and nothing is easier than stepping into the wild after a busy day at work.

Collage Model mit Uhr in Feld und Uhr am Handgelenk in Feld

Traveling would be much better, you say? Then take a look at your wrist and your faithful companion Calina. The patterned marble and rose gold ornamentation shines gently in your direction before you slowly close your eyes. Named after the dry haze that often hangs over the south of Spain, this noble watch made of leadwood allows your mind to wander…

Blick aufs Handgelenk mit Uhr

You dream yourself to Spain and the golden fields around you turn into a beautiful, sandy beach, the wind in the cornfields becomes the sound of the sea, and the earthy scent in your nose turns fresh and salty. For a moment - you decide how long - you forget about everyday life, and who knows, maybe you even start dancing for joy, guided by your Calina which you reassuringly feel on your wrist.

Collage 3 Bilder Model Uhr Model

You might even meet a soulmate on these trips into nature, or just take your loved ones with you. Whether these moments are cherished alone or with those you love, your Calina will always remind you to take a little timeout every now and then.
For yourself and your dreams of traveling, peace and golden sun rays.

Händereichen Calina Buzzard

Photographer: WithLaurent
Model: Vanessa

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