Wood and stone solar chronographs

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We listened and want to bring a breath of fresh air to your favorite "Radiance" collection. The new unique "Irradiance" watches combine well-proven features with modern materials and designs, so you have a wide selection and no longer have to miss the sold-out models!

Discover our four new Irradiance solar pieces and bring the essence of natural uniqueness into your style!

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Natural timepieces with solar cells.

Full solar power ahead! Like their beloved predecessors, the unique pieces in our Irradiance collection run solely on the sun's power. Small solar cells made of silicon are built into the dial. The sun's rays set the silicon in motion and generate electricity, which is all stored in a battery, so your watch continues to run even when the sun is not shining!

As with any Holzkern piece, the core is made of sheer nature. Marble and sodalite in the dial find its finishing touch with stainless steel and a real wooden bracelet. The natural materials make each piece truly unique, and you won't find a model that is 100% like the other!

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