Don't they say that wine is the passport to see the world?

Discover our Bordeaux made from recycled wine barrels!

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Savoir-vivre! Our Limited Edition Bordeaux is designed to bring you closer to French art-de-vivre and inspire you to enjoy every second. Discover the interplay of natural materials combined with traditional craftsmanship. A unique automatic timepiece made from marble and recycled wine barrels from France!

Automatic movement timepiece

Automatic watches combine the best of both worlds: technical innovation and unique craftsmanship. Watches with automatic movement are wound only by your movement and therefore never need new batteries! The striking interplay of gears, springs and metal elements is also an absolute eye-catcher.

Unique marble and recycled wine barrels

All Holzkern watches have one thing in common: a core made from natural materials! For our Bordeaux, we combined a classic with an exciting Holzkern novelty: bright blue marble with oak wood from recycled wine barrels. So the same wood that's responsible for the delicate flavors found in wine is now putting the finishing touches to your outfit!

All the advantages at a glance

Bordeaux (Oak/Marble)

The art of enjoying life and making the most of every moment. Our Limited Edition Bordeaux made with recycled wine barrels is designed to introduce you to the art of savoir-vivre.

The sun shines brightly from the deep blue skies of southern France and the scent of fresh berries and warm stones lingers in the air. As you end your day, relax with a glass of wine in your hand and your Bordeaux on your wrist! The same wood that gives wine its delicious aroma - now also found within your wristwatch.


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