Why a new logo?

Holzkern has grown a lot in the last few years and has evolved in many different areas. Due to these changes, we've decided to introduce a new logo that better represents the natural diversity of the brand and of our products. Started in 2016 as a start-up for wooden watches, we are now the global market leader for high-quality accessories made from natural materials - something we are incredibly proud of. In addition to the ever-popular watches, our range also includes jewelry, handbags and sunglasses.
We don't just use wood, as we used to, but make use of the whole world of natural materials - all to offer you the greatest possible choice and a very personal piece of nature. You can now take a look at our products live and try them on in 10 Holzkern stores throughout Austria & Germany.

Our growth was only possible thanks to you. Your feedback has helped us on so many levels. Among other things, it has given us inspiration for our designs, enabled us to work on solutions for even better & faster customer support and also launch completely new product categories.

New logo
full dedication to our vision

We are changing our logo while sticking to our common vision: We want to offer you and everyone in this world a very personal piece of nature. he textures and grains of the natural materials make each Holzkern product 100% unique - just as unique as you are. Our unique products should remind you of the special moments in your life and the people you spent them with.

If you want to learn more about our values, history and future, you can do so here:

Our products

Some of the collections are already available with a new logo, so get excited about what awaits you with your next order. With our variety of products, the logo change will be done step by step. This means that your personal unique piece will either still have the familiar Holzkern annual rings or will already be equipped with the new logo - in any case you will receive a unique piece of nature. You can find more information about this in our FAQ.

Since Holzkern models are known to sell out quickly, you can still get them with the original logo for a limited time. You also have the chance to get real rarities! Some product lines are no longer produced with the new logo: so grab them before they are gone!

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