Holzkern helps you fulfill your New Year's Resolutions.

New Year is synonymous with many unfulfilled resolutions. We at Holzkern encourage you to realise them no matter how rocky the road might become.
We suggest striving for realistic and achievable goals in order to have a harmonious journey!

Let us bring you some fantastic news during the inception of this new year: our unique watches made of wood and stone can help and guide you along your path for success.
Here we explain why:

Be closer to nature
When you glance at your unique timepiece, you will feel closer to nature! Our watches are handmade from high-quality wood and stone available from Mother Nature. Additionally, our designs are inspired by natural landscapes and unique urban spaces.

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Feel unique and different
Every Holzkern timepiece is as unique as you are! The unique textures of wood and stone make it so that all of our watches distinguish themselves from another. We also offer another dimension of variety by providing a large and ever-growing selection of over 500 designs, each of which is produced in small quantities and only available for a limited amount of time.

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To be in fashion
Did you know that Holzkern has set the new trend of wooden watches? With Holzkern, you can always be fashionable since we offer timepieces that best fit with your style. If you need help with finding just the right one for you, then take a look at our Trends & Styles category!

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Enjoy your time
Our products stand as true pieces of nature. Their purpose is to remind you daily of the importance of enjoying your time spending it together with your loved ones or pursuing your passions in life!

To show more solidarity
Courtesy with your support, we donate € 1 for each watch that we sell for reforestation projects in Nicaragua or for the employment of people with physical, sensory or mental disabilities.

Feel more loved
If you happen to have any questions regarding the products or the delivery process - our customer service is always happy to be there for you! Simply write a message to [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Feel always secure
Feel secure with your Holzkern timepiece! If you happen to experience any issues with your watch, don’t worry, your order comes with a 2 year-guarantee period.

So, go ahead, get your Holzern watch and fulfill your New Year's resolutions. Thanks to Holzkern!

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Make your resolutions come true,
Your Holzkern Team

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