Oceanfoam Collection

Adorn yourself in the colors of the ocean

The Oceanfoam Collection is our biggest jewelry collection up until now. Here, we want to give you the chance to let your creativity run wild by putting your own personal set together. Mix green and blue with shimmering pearls and shine in the most beautiful colors of the ocean.



The freshwater pearl is unbelievably popular in all types of jewelry for a good reason. Because they are grown naturally, every pearl has its own unique shape and form. The white shimmer fits perfectly to every outfit.



Aventurine is a very special gemstone. It is beautiful to look at thanks to its rich, green color. Aventurine quartz is widely used as a gemstone for jewelry, preferably in combination with pearls, because it particularly emphasizes the stone’s radiant shine.


Lapis Lazuli

The deep blue color of lapis lazuli has been used in jewelry for hundreds of years. Its color is the result of sulfur in the mineral. Genuine lapis lazuli can be recognized thanks to the gold shimmer of pyrite particles that are encased within the stone.

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