The Holzkern Ticket to Paradise

With your order in our Shop until August 5, 2021, you can win your absolute dream holiday at our expense! There’s no better way to celebrate the opening of the world and the possibility to travel freely again!

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What will your Ticket to Paradise include?

✔ A travel voucher for your dream journey valued at $10,000
✔ You choose the time and place, we’ll take care of the rest
✔ A Holzkern goodie bag

Should we send YOU to Paradise?

It’s that simple:

1. Browse through our Online Shop

2. Place your favorite product in the shopping cart and have it delivered to your home

3. Fingers crossed that your order will be the lucky winner*

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Holzkern x Kuoni

With pride and joy we present to you our partner Kuoni. Together, we’ll be sending a lucky winner on a trip to Paradise. After such a long time at home, if you want to finally travel and enjoy seeing new things again, then give Kuoni a visit and secure yourself one of their special, one-time offers.

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You still don’t have your eye on one of our unique models? We’d have a few nice suggestions for you!