Hello to all nature lovers! What would be your favourite - a 5 star hotel or a 5 billion star hotel?

Of course the 5 star hotel has got its advantages concerning luxury and comfort, there´s no question about it. Still I repeatedly feel the pull to stay at the 5 billion star hotel - with a tent worth 30 € and a sleeping bag for my comfort. In this case the benefits are the experience of an adventure, fresh air and of course it´s cheaper as well.

Nowadays, having time to lie down and enjoy the starlit sky is considered as luxury in itself. I cannot put into words what it feels like to spend a night in the nature with billions of lights shining in the distance. It is a vibe unlike any other to go to sleep like this.

Stars radiate with their own kind of magic. They are mystical - sometimes it feels like they wanted to tell stories. They are ancient and wise, as they probably have seen dinosaurs from above. They have been a guide for generations of humans - on land and at sea alike.

Thanks to the illumination in our cities and villages and the resulting light pollution you can´t even see the stars most of the time and it gets even worse. I am lucky that I grew up in a tiny village in Black Forest because in this area you can see what the night sky looks like in its full glory as all the lights are switched off at night.

In the future I´ll find a place to live where I can watch the night sky without these limitations as well - to enjoy the peace of stars :)