How to escape the sadness

Sometimes there are just these rainy days. There is nothing we can do about that, especially since autumn has begun. Again and again, dense fog and gray clouds settle against the colorful leaves and govern both city and country alike.

But what can you do to enjoy life and not end up grouchily in front of a cup of tea? Lena has found her answer: A big radiant smile combined with the friendly and bright colours of her clothes. Both together counteract the oppressive mood after a rainy day. But there is more...

Something else shines out from her outfit, magical, like street lights reflecting on wet puddles: Lena wears her blooms on her wrist, which perfectly fits into her style thanks to the delicate pink vegan leather strap. Besides, her watch combines bright marble and dark walnut wood elegantly, showing that even a gloomy autumn day can shine happily.

So what can you do to escape the autumn depression? Always smile, because what pleases others makes you happy too. Bring color into your life to dispel the grey clouds. Lastly, crown it all with a gift to yourself! (we have a suggestion there: D)

Fotograf: WithLaurent
Model: Lena