You love summer and the sun? Our solar watches too!

What’s so special about these models? Thanks to their high quality solar technology they only need pure sunlight in order to shine! Once this unique solar watch has been charged, you can dance together through the darker hours!


You’ll never have to change batteries again!

The prominent advantage of a solar watch is its continual charging thanks to the available surrounding light. It is environmentally friendly and saves resources at the same time!

How long does the watch run when it really gets dark?

So that it permanently runs, the watch should be worn for a minimum of three hours daily or occasionally, particularly in the low-sunlight wintertime, be charged under a lamp. The exact instructions for your model can be found on the corresponding product page - simply use the search function top-right (magnifying glass symbol).


How long does the solar watch need to be held under light or the sun so that it’s charged?

Before initial start up the solar watch should be exposed to five hours of direct sunlight or kept under a lamp (20cm distance) for sixty hours (30W light bulb/6W LED/375 lumen). Sunlight offers far more energy than artificial light! Please note, don’t expose the watch to excessive heat (e.g. blazing midday sun) to avoid possible damage.


How does it exactly function with the light?

On the topside of the solar models there are tiny integrated solar cells that convert the energy of light into electrical energy for power supply. Accumulators then take care that the power supply is made possible during the night or for longer dark periods.

What’s even better?

Your solar watch will always remind you to get outside and be amongst nature more often. As such - you not only do good for your watch, but also for yourself. :) Additionally, thanks to the concealed solar cells in the dial your solar companion has a conventional look and is suitable for every occasion!

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