Nowadays, society is associated with fast paced living. The world is currently ruled by social media and modern technology, it seems as if people have completely forgotten how take a moment’s rest and how important mother nature actually is.

This is exactly the reason why we came up with this ideology of watches made exclusively of wood and stone. Many other companies manufacture these natural timepieces, however only Holzkern, has managed to become THE household name by distinguishing itself from the competition through its sheer endless numbers in variety.

A single glance at one of these Holzkern models, and you will be reminded of a walk in the mountains, a camping holiday at sea or a morning jog through the woods. Sometimes the most important thing to do is to relax, slow down and reflect on what truly matters in life.

Natural materials like wood and stone turn every watch into something special, they make it so that all of our timepieces can distinguish themselves from one another. No model is like the other. The fine graining and colors of various woods, as well as the unaltered structures of unique stones, lead to the unique appearance of these gorgeous products.

Holzkern Unikate

Countless customers have been praising the unique products of this Austrian brand on social media.

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