Springtime in the air and butterflies in your stomach

Spring is here! The days are getting longer, the sunrays get stronger, and the flowers become more fragrant. Spring has arrived! Nature begins to blossom and awakens the vital energies of animals and people alike.

Spring every day - with the jewelry from our Fritillary Collection

Our models can be perfectly combined

You love our butterfly-designed jewelry, but variety is also important? Then you’re in the perfect place! There are endless possibilities of combinations at Holzkern. Especially for you, we’ve put together the most beautiful pieces that match with our Fritillary Collection.

Bring variety into your life! How nice that our jewelry designs harmonize with each other so perfectly...

Matching our set in rose gold & blue

Matching our set in silver & blue

Matching our set in gold & purple

Matching our set in gold & white

Did you know that with your Holzkern purchase, you don’t only sweeten up the spring season, you can also give something back to nature at the same time? Learn more about our current donation projects here!

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