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The Railway Collection (42mm)

The Railway Collection (42mm)

A journey into nature - now on your wrist

Discover the 4 unique designs of our Railway collection and let yourself be mesmerized by them.

More about the Railway collection:

Distant areas sometimes appear as if they would be just one stone throw away from each other.
Travel is highly affordable and development in this area is far from complete. We are talking about railroads!

For hundreds of years already, it has facilitated the connection between remote areas. That's why we dedicate our four unique chronographs to this groundbreaking innovation.
Just as railways connect countries and continents, the models of our Railway collection are meant to serve as your personal connection to nature.

Your very own one-of-a-kind

Railway Kollektion 1 Railway Kollektion 2 Railway Kollektion 3 Railway Kollektion 4