When you live in the vastness of Northern Europe for 14 months, you get used to some conditions. For example, the new feeling of distance - in Finland, car trips of 400-800km per day weren't unusual, the cities there are so far apart that these distances are rather normal. If you want to go outside and experience nature, you have to be prepared for another factor - the cold. Seen this way, my last trip to Switzerland was nothing out of the ordinary. From the Black Forest to Geneva, you drive approximately 500 kilometres, while climbing at Lake Geneva, it can also get cold and windy.

Here is the story from the beginning. A photographer and good friend of mine from Finland, Miika Klinga, currently lives in Geneva. Reason enough to visit him. After arriving in Geneva, we decided to get up early the next day after a few beers to spend the whole day in the surrounding mountains. That's the plan - the implementation follows. On the drive to the planned location, we saw a picture of Col De Jaman on Instagram, an alpine pass near Montreux. The corresponding picture was taken by a Swiss photographer, Johan Corminboeuf. Since we ourselves have never heard of Col De Jaman and had no idea where the photo was taken, we tried to reach Johan via Instagram. His response: "Wait for me, I'll be there in two hours".

So the following pictures were shot thanks to Instagram and its fascinating ability to connect people. With four of us - another photographer (Loan Dao) had joined Johan - we slipped up the icy road to Col De Jaman, climbed the summit and spent the entire day taking photos.

It was a wonderful feeling to be in the clear mountain air all day long and to make new friends. The sunset was the highlight of the day, an incredibly beautiful spectacle above Lake Geneva :)