Treat yourself! :)

The top watch trend for 2020!

The top watch trend for 2020!

Here at Holzkern, we are firm believers that at least once a year, everyone is allowed to treat themselves. So go ahead and treat yourself! 🎁
At the moment our wide array of products encompasses over 600 different designs made of wood and stone. This is to make sure for you to find YOUR personal timepiece made of wood and stone.

No wood matches another and every stone structure owns a one-of-a-kind marbling, meaning that your piece of nature is a truly unique item.
Take a look in our Shop and find your perfect gift :)

Enjoy your time,
Your Holzkern team

PS: Down below are some of our personal favorites 😍

Our model Anakena made of walnut and green marble Our chronograph Dusk made of dark walnut Our chronograph Kay and our women's model Côte dAzur

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