Hello dear friends of nature! Who has been to Slovenia before? Or who knows where Slovenia is?

That's how I felt when I first heard about Slovenia - no idea where it is. Geography? --> F.

For everyone with similar geography grades: Slovenia lies south of Austria, between Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Austria. With about 2 million inhabitants, Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe - but one of the most diverse and beautiful countries Europe has to offer :)

More than half of the country is covered by forests, the capital Ljubljana was Europe's Green Capital in 2016. Time to take a closer look at it as a nature lover.

The first stop for me in Slovenia - the Rakov Skocjan valley. The special feature of this valley is the limestone ground. The river Rak has carved its way through the rock here over the centuries with what seems like ease.

Two natural bridges were created, the Great and the Small Natural Bridge. Right after the small bridge, the river Rak continues underground through a cave. The small bridge is a truly fascinating place full of peace, far away from tourism.

It is fascinating to sit on the bridge for a while and watch the power of the water. It may look harmless, but over a long period of time, even the smallest things can have a big impact :)