Do you also sometimes ask yourself where all your time has gone?
Do you juggle work and everyday duties from Monday to Friday and tend to forget to just stop and enjoy the moment?

And suddenly the day, the week, the whole year is over and you ask yourself:
“Where did all my time go?”

In a society with no limits, where everyone is expected to be reachable at all times and to never miss an event and to function flawlessly, there’s not much time left to oneself.

And yet, in 2020, many of us were able to experience what the word “deceleration” means and, above all, what it feels like.

While Corona has many negative sides, this crisis has also raised a couple of issues that could have a positive impact on society – if we accept them.

Many of us were “forced” to be by ourselves, and had to relearn how that works. This can be either good or bad, depending on individual circumstances and the personal approach.

However, one thing is certain:
Escaping the fast pace of everyday life now and then and just stopping for a moment is vital for us and for our health.

There are no breaks. Breaks need to be taken.

Here are 5 tips to help you slow down the pace of your everyday life: A few of them you can do immediately, every day, and the others you can do every now and again.

There is (hopefully) something for everyone.
So go on – “experience” your day a little bit more intensively from now on and make use of your time!

1.) Simply do nothing.

In order to find peace, it doesn’t always have to be the same things, like hours of meditation or yoga. Because even here there is often pressure to do something particularly well, even when you’re already exhausted from the stress of everyday life.
There is an easier way, and it won’t take more than 5 minutes!

Just set an alarm and sit or lie down somewhere comfortable and do nothing at all!
No cell phone, no music, no people. Put away your computer, cell phone, etc. and stare at an empty wall. Have fun!
Take a break from the countless impressions of everyday life – your brain will thank you ;)

2.) Live one day without time or plans!

When was the last time you had no plans at all for a whole day – a day where you just slept in, took your time cooking, and just took the day as it came?

Taking a whole day off is certainly not the easiest thing to do, but it is definitely possible!
Simply take a day off or use a day on the weekend, and don’t make any plans in advance.
You just take it easy all day. No ringing alarm clocks that wake you up.
Maybe you’ll only wake up at 8am, or at 11am, or some other time – so what? Let your body decide for once, and listen to it.

And what do you do for the remainder of the day?
Read a good book, go to the movies, go to the park, grab an ice cream – do something good for yourself and simply enjoy life. Live attentively.

The only rule: Don’t make plans the day before ;)
And it’s best to just leave your cell phone at home and take the day as it comes - without time, without distraction.
You’ll see that a day like this offers an incredible amount of deceleration and energy for the week ahead.

3.) Turn “idle times” into pleasant breaks

Do you know the feeling when you’ve been standing in the checkout line at the grocery store for a few minutes and the line in front of you just isn’t getting any shorter?
How do you react to that? Do you get angry and impatient about the “wasted” time? Or do you make the best out of a situation you have no influence on?

We learned from a friend how we can use this “idle time” consciously.
He made it a habit to think of the good things in life at every red light.
Instead of getting annoyed that the traffic light right in front of him switches to red, he uses the short break to be thankful and think about the things he found particularly good that day, and the beautiful moments he experienced.

Whether at the grocery store, in front of traffic lights, or in a traffic jam on the highway: You are the one who decides with which thoughts you approach these situations.
Make the best of your time!

4.) Do you want to, or do you have to?

You can also decelerate in your everyday life by asking yourself a very simple question:
Do I want to, or do I have to?

We often rush from one appointment to another and are stressed out by countless events. First you have to go to the dentist, then you have to meet a girlfriend, and after that you have to finish your work for university.
Do you want to, or do you have to? Don’t you want to go to the dentist because you care about your health? Don’t you want to meet your girlfriend because you’re fond of her and you have great conversations with her? Don’t you want to write the university paper because you chose this field of study?

Write down all the things you “have to” do, and replace them with “want”.
Cross out all the sentences that don’t seem right with an “I want”, and you will immediately feel more at ease.

If you have made it clear to yourself that you have consciously decided to do most of the things that you are doing, and that you also want to do them, you’ll feel less pressure in your everyday life and can approach things with more joy, or just say “no” and do without certain appointments.

“Reality is a consequence of decisions you have made.”

5.) Walking

Another tip that you can put directly into practice: Go for a walk.
What are you waiting for? Get your shoes on and go!
You can walk everywhere, whether it’s in town or in the country. Not only can you get some fresh air, but you can also relax, put your thoughts in order and make room for new ones. Often the most creative ideas come up during or after a walk outside.
So why not get off a stop earlier when taking the underground and walk home, or take a walk in the woods.
You won’t regret it!

These were our 5 tips for deceleration in everyday life.
Which one do you find most appealing? Or do you have completely different methods to live the day more consciously?

Find out what works best for you and then act accordingly.
Take time for yourself - you’ve earned it!

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