5 great reasons for a Christmas gift from Holzkern

It’s finally here again: Christmas has arrived!

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Christmas is a celebration of togetherness and love, and naturally the most important thing is who you spend the festive season with. At the same time, we want to find uniquely special gifts because what could be more fulfilling than seeing joy on the faces of our loved ones?

Here, you’ll find out why such joy is guaranteed with a gift from Holzkern!

1. You’re giving something unique

The structures inherent in wood, stone or nacre make every watch and every piece of jewelry into a one-of-a-kind piece! Every model is as fully individual as its owner.

2. You’re giving something appropriately fitting

We have more than 800 different designs, so there’s the perfect piece of nature to suit and match anybody’s particular taste and style.

3. You’re giving a special memory

Wristwatches are worn almost every day. This way, the wearer is reminded of YOU every time they glance at their watch.

4. You’re giving with confidence

Unser Grundsatz lautet: 100% zufrieden oder Geld zurück. Sollte das Modell also nicht ganz den Geschmack der/des Beschenkten treffen ist Umtausch oder Rückgabe gar kein Problem.Our principle is this: 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. In case your chosen model doesn’t fully meet the tastes or expectations of the person you are gifting it to, an exchange or refund is no problem whatsoever.

5. You’re giving reliability

Our models conform to the highest quality standards and are dependable companions for many years. Not only do we exclusively use premium materials, we also incorporate top-quality movements in our watches.

Holzkern is guaranteed to have the perfect gifts for mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, your partner, friends, colleagues and everyone in between.

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