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Pink Month

Zebrawood has its origins in the hospitable culture of West Africa's breathtaking landscapes. Evenly-striped patterns with dark brown veins on a warm, light wood beautifully reflect its name:Zebrawood.

The exclusivity of this extraordinary zebra look inspires many of our customers, which is why our models made from this wood are so special and unique.

Choose one of our models made from zebrawood now and let yourself be accompanied by its exotic flair and restrained elegance!

All our watches made from zebrawood

  1. Odin
    Zebrawood & Wenge
  2. Eliot
    Zebrawood & Koa
  1. Dance
    Zebrawood & Marble
    $179 $152

All our Bandlets made from leadwood

  1. Duet
    Zebrawood & Gold

All our jewelry made from leadwood


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