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NOW: Get the timepiece for real connoisseurs: Our Bordeaux made with real wine barrel wood, strictly limited to only 400 pieces!

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The art of enjoying life and making the most of every moment. Our Limited Edition Bordeaux made with recycled wine barrels is designed to introduce you to the art of savoir-vivre.

The sun shines brightly from the deep blue skies of southern France and the scent of fresh berries and warm stones lingers in the air. As you end your day, relax with a glass of wine in your hand and your Bordeaux on your wrist! The same wood that gives wine its delicious aroma - now also found within your wristwatch.

At the moment this model is currently SOLD OUT.

All of our products are manufactured in small batches to ensure as much variety as possible for our customers.
Get your favorite piece of nature from our current collections, as long as stocks last.

EAN: # 9010631015381
  • Case: 42mm diameter, made from stainless steel in dark gray.
  • Dial: Genuine blue marble with unique structures
  • Movement: Citizen automatic movement
  • Back: Stainless steel in dark gray and oak wood from real wine barrels, serial number engraved (1 to 400)
  • Bracelet: adjustable length, made with oak wood from real wine barrels (fits any wrist)
  • Sapphire crystal


How do I adjust my watch to the perfect size?

With so many different designs, there’s definitely the perfect model for every wrist size. Our watches with linked bracelets can be easily adjusted to any preferred length.

Additional bracelet links and the necessary tools are enclosed free of charge so that you can immediately adjust your model to your individual wrist size and wear it.

The leather watch straps and vegan alternative straps in our product range come in industry-standard sizes. For particularly short or long watch straps, you’re sure to find what you need at your trusted specialized watch or jewelry dealer.

How does an automatic watch work?

Your automatic watch works somewhat differently to a watch with Quartz movement. Because you’ve chosen a watch with mechanical movement, there is in this case no inbuilt battery and you’ll have to first give your model a little help to get it up and running.

Before you wind it up, make sure that the crown is in the normal position, which means fully pressed against the case. In order to get your watch operating, turn the crown 40 times in a clockwise direction and your watch will run for approximately 42 hours. If you wear your watch within this time, the running time is extended because the clockwork will be automatically wound up via the motion of your body.

In case your model has a variety of functions, like e.g. a date display or a dual time display, get to know these functions in advance in order to maximize the full potential of your watch.

Are Holzkern products waterproof?

Our team is constantly working on amazing and innovative products, that’s why we’re regularly expanding our selection with waterproof products like these:

These products can be worn while swimming, showering and bathing.

Because we work a lot with natural materials like wood, our other models generally aren’t waterproof - this also applies to our sunglasses.

Wood can become altered if there is too much contact with moisture, water or alcohol (perfume). We therefore recommend that you remove your piece of nature before showering/swimming/bathing in order to enjoy it for the longest possible time.

Spray water and perspiration don’t present a problem and, during normal daily use, you need not worry at all. :)

Why does my model look different to the product photos online?

The special thing about our products is that we work with natural materials. Just like every tree or stone, all of our models are genuinely unique thanks to the grain, color and structure of the materials. What you receive is a truly one-of-a-kind piece - indeed, your own personal piece of nature. :)

That’s why we always make an effort to incorporate different lighting situations and a variety of models in our images, so that you can receive the most realistic impression possible of how your model may look.

Core Features

Recycled oak wood

Recycled oak wood

First wine, then stone. For one of our very special one-of-a-kind timepieces, we use oak wood that has already been used in real wine barrels. So the same wood that gives wine its delicious aroma also provides exciting details within your watch! It's a way for us to support important issues like upcycling and resource conservation, and move toward a more sustainable future.



A wood for all occasions. Oak is one of the best-known and most popular types of wood. Due to its durability and visual elegance, this wood is perfect for our watches, sunglasses, and jewelry. The natural shades and even grains can be combined with many different materials and colors. A versatile wood that we can't get enough of!

Automatic Movement

Automatic watch movements represent the original and traditional functionality of wristwatches. This technology makes use of gravity and transforms the motion of your arm into energy to wind up your timepiece.
So that your automatic watch keeps running when it’s kept still, it features a power reserve with which it will keep running for 35-60 hours, depending on the type of inbuilt clockwork you have.
Stay in motion and your watch will do the same!

Exclusive Serial Number

Exclusive Serial Number

We’re continuously trying out new things and always on the lookout for unique ways to make your piece of nature extra special. That's why we also offer limited editions with engraved serial numbers. With our limited edition, you can be sure that your timepiece will be worn by only a few hundred people worldwide.
Get your unique piece of nature while it's available!