Cocos (Koa/Marble)

Cocos (Koa/Marble)

Rumor has it that the legendary treasure of Lima is buried somewhere on the island of Cocos near Costa Rica.
Over 1700 gemstones, life-size gold statues, candlesticks and other precious items are said to have been buried on the island after 1820 and remained undiscovered to this day.

Our model of Koaholz and marble is a reminder of this fantastic place that has been attracting countless people from all over the world for decades!


  • Case: 36mm diameter, made of Koa wood and stainless steel in grey
  • Dial: Genuine, grey marble
  • Movement: Quartz movement by Citizen
  • Band: Adjustable length, made of Koa wood stainless steel in grey
  • Limited to 200 pieces

*SOLD OUT. Our customers loved this model so much that it is already completely sold out.

With our Limited Editions our watches become even more special and we can concentrate on offering our customers the greatest variety possible. We would be happy if another timepiece could win your heart :)

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