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Derivate Bracelet (Marble/Silver)

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NOW: Be sure to get your favorites from our Derivate Jewelry Collection for men today! Crafted from wood, stone and stainless steel, they’ll be a robust and faithful accompaniment for life!

More about the product

The derivation of a function lets us know the inclination of any chosen point on a graph. If the inclination is zero, we can be sure that a crest, trough or turning point is present.

Regardless of the current phase you find yourself in, our Derivate bracelet will always be by your side! For this model, we’ve decided on impressively structured marble. It’s a stone type that, because of its entirely individual patterns, perfectly emphasizes your own personality. Combined with high-quality stainless steel, distinctive pieces of jewelry emerge that couldn’t be more unique. Try it on once and you’ll be convinced!


  • Size: 7x24mm
  • Length: 170-210mm (adjustable)
  • Material: 316L stainless steel in silver and uniquely structured marble
  • Waterproof
EAN: # 9010631012045

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