Epicurus (Walnut/Zebrawood)

Epicurus (Walnut/Zebrawood)

The ancient Greek philosopher Epicurus largely followed the view held by Democritus: the universe is infinite and what ultimately transpires in the natural world is the result of interactions at an atomic level—not by the will of any god or gods. Therefore, one's neuroses and the anxiety caused by a fear or denial of death is essentially unnecessary and in view of that, life's goal should then be for one to live a happy, self-sufficient, serene life filled with peace, surrounded by friends; devoid of fear and pain.

Our model is intended to remind one what its eponym had suggested: the unknown is not to be feared, to let the unreachable become irrelevant, and to know that the unavoidable must be accepted.


  • Case: 42mm, made of walnut wood and zebrawood
  • Dial: Zebrawood with a fine texture
  • Movement: Automatic movement by Citizen
  • Band: 22mm width, adjustable length, made of walnut wood and zebrawood
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