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The new Summit Designs (45mm)

The new Summit Designs (45mm)

Discover our timepieces „Kibo“ and „Elbrus“ and get your personal piece of nature made of wood, marble and uniquely blue steel.

More about the Summit Collection:

Fresh air, a panoramic view and the feeling of freedom: mountains will always fascinate and inspire human kind. Mythical mountain ranges are often the birthplace of legends with their seemingly boundless and unforgiving terrain. They have however, also become a premiere destination for recreation as more and more people escape from the modern world to bask in their majesty, conquer lofty peaks, and elevate themselves .

Named after some of Earth’s largest and most impressive mountains, this collection of eight watches stands out with its 45 mm case and stylish dial design.

Every watch in the collection is a unique specimen for big wrists and brave summiteers!

Get your very own piece of nature - only while supplies last!

Neue Gipfelstürmer 1 Neue Gipfelstürmer 2 Neue Gipfelstürmer 3 Neue Gipfelstürmer 4