Plato (Olive/Marble)

Plato (Olivewood/Marble)

Socrates --> Plato --> Aristotle — the philosophical giants whose shoulders we stand upon. Plato is credited with founding the first institution of higher learning in the Western world and being not only one of the most influential authors in the history of philosophy, but also a keystone figure in western science, spirituality and religion. Perhaps during his prime he would engage in a dialogue about the ethical dynamics of the state one day, and then the metaphysical and cosmological dynamics of our universe during the next. One can imagine a discussion with Plato lasting for hours, reflecting about how we think and how we know what we know.

Honoring the works of its eponym, our model Plato, made of mediterranean olive wood, should remind you of the value of thought, the value of reflecting upon it, and the value of sharing it with others.


  • Case: 42mm diameter, made of olivewood and leadwood
  • Dial: Genuine grey-brown marble
  • Movement: Automatic movement by Citizen
  • Band: 22mm width, adjustable length, made of olivewood
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