Rasalas (Zebrawood/Leadwood)

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The star Rasalas (Arabic - “The Lions Head”) lies 133 light-years away from the Earth. It can be found in the constellation of Leo which belongs to the signs of the zodiac, and can be seen most easily during the springtime.


  • Case: 38mm diameter, made from zebrawood and stainless steel in blue
  • Dial: Fine-grained leadwood
  • Movement: Automatic movement by Seiko
  • Bracelet: Adjustable length, made from zebrawood and stainless steel in blue (fits on every person’s wrist)

This model has been in high demand recently and is not in stock at this time.
All of our products are manufactured in small batches to ensure as much variety as possible for our customers.

The good news: This model will be continued in another production series.
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